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Lab Girl opens with a detailed description of the laboratory Jahren loved as a child. In what ways do her recollections of her time in the lab and the trips home late at night with her father evoke the mood and magic of fairy tales? Why do you think Jahren dedicated Lab Girl to her mother?

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In alternating chapters, Jahren forges links between her own life and the plants that have populated it. How does the story of the blue spruce tree pp. What insights do these close examinations of a large variety of plants provide into the needs and the capabilities shared by all living things? Is there a particular topic—for instance, the universal struggle for survival or the interdependence evident in nature—that resonates with you?

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What are the emotional and practical repercussions of this moment? Jahren describes her struggles with mental illness in a gripping and vivid interlude pp. Why do you think she introduces this at the midpoint of her book? What qualities shape their behavior toward each other on a personal level? Discuss the sense of intimacy and tolerance at the core of their friendship, as well as the boundaries they establish.

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What do their long conversations, their reactions to institutional rules, and the misadventures they share on their field trips all add to the book? Chandler, C. Evolution, 67 1 , Emlen, D. Science, , Loyau, A.

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Ethology, 9 , Kodric-Brown, A. The American Naturalist, 3 , Eukaryon is published by students at Lake Forest College, who are solely responsible for its content. They first meet during her PhD, when she is a teaching assistant for his undergraduate soils class. He joins her lab when she gets her first position at Georgia Tech; Jahren secures the funding while Hagopian gets the experiments to work. Hagopian then moves with Jahren to each new university.

I also appreciated her infectious passion for and fantastic ability to clearly communicate plant science. This seesaw of research funding—the constant worry about whether or not your lab will fold—is problematic for many academic scientists, and is a serious distraction from doing research. This is in large part due to the main reason she wrote this book: Bill Hagopian.

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Beyond the issues associated with a heavy workload and tight funding, the book also lends itself to the discussion of role models in science. Given the underrepresentation of women in science, women academics often become role models for female students who are making difficult decisions about career and life choices.

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With this book, Jahren has likely become a role model to many of her readers. But putting Jahren on a pedestal as a role model runs the risk of creating a Marie Curie situation.