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The Hustle. Vice - Der zweite Mann. Think Hitchcock meets Phillip K. Throw in Daryl Hannah at the peak of her gorgeous prime as winsome Alice Munroe, a statuesque blond who briefly met and sparked with Nick before he went all transparent and who subsequently goes on the run with his invisible ass, and you have a classic recipe for entertainment. Any of these sound familiar?

Unfortunately, despite opening at number 2 at the national box-office on the weekend of Feb 28, , Memoirs of an Invisible Man failed to gain traction with audiences and ultimately dropped way behind in the box-office race that year. The Autopsy Details: Truthfully, the movie actually lives up to its promise of mixing humor, thrills, danger, and romance. He actually makes a great Hitchcock everyman.

Sam Neill also provides a compelling villain in David Jenkins, calling to mind a younger James Mason.

MOVIE REVIEW : 'Invisible Man' Fails to Master the Possibilities - Los Angeles Times

John Carpenter usually scores his own film, but it was a wise move on his part to give the musical reins to Walker for this outing. The flashback structure and narration by Halloway may take some getting used to, but it ultimately makes sense given the title of the movie. We know just how well that movie did.

Basically, none of these nit-picks were deal breakers or fatal flaws. Possible Cause of Death: Ultimately, there is no clear-cut reason why Memoirs of an Invisible Man misfired when it was first released.

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  • A lot of the elements of a great Carpenter movie here, but Chevy Chase just doesn't seem right for the part. Instead it's sad Fletch. Wikipedia has this William Goldman quote, he wrote the original version of the screenplay but left when Ivan Reitman decided he didn't want to direct Chase in a "serious" picture: "Goldman left the project saying "I'm too old and too rich for this shit.

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    Review by Kyle Gustafson. A very serviceable a enjoyable early 90's romp.

    Making of 1992's "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" - pt. 1 of 3!

    The effects are fun and inventive, but it all falls apart in the last 15 minutes when a black faced chevy appears. A version of the Invisible Man story brought to us by John Carpenter with Chevy Chase as the unlucky man with invisibility issues. Far from the best of Carpenter, Memoirs of an Invisible Man is still decent fun, but is dragged down by a few nagging issues. There's a ton of narration by Chase here as it unsuccessfully tries to be a noir and comedy at the same time. For a guy who is invisible he also spends a lot of time on screen and whether that was Chase demanding it or the studio it definitely hurts the whole invisible illusion.

    Oeuvre: Carpenter: Memoirs of an Invisible Man

    It's difficult to not watch this and think of how much better the Universal classic is, but despite being inferior and not completely succeeding at having all its parts working together this is still worth a watch, especially for Chevy Chase fans and Carpenter completists.

    Better than I remember it being, still lacks that feeling of it being a John Carpenter film but it's really not that bad at all. Underrated John Carpenter Chevy chase film. Cool story cool effects. A fun popcorn flick with some good jokes and tense thrilling chase and action sequences. A fun time well worth watching.