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Leadership Development : We need strong leadership at all levels of the educational system. World Learning works with teachers, trainers, and administrators, empowering these educational leaders to drive change inside and outside of the classroom.

Inclusion : World Learning believes all people should be able to access quality English language education. We train teachers and teacher trainers in communities around the world to ensure our TESOL programs have a wide reach—and we employ modern, tested techniques such as online programming to expand that reach even further.

Innovation : Technology and innovation are essential to practicing inclusion and remaining on the cutting edge of education.

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Complimentary with a one day inset: Comprehensive participants handbooks including participant's reading up to 20 handbooks per school Teaching English as an Additional Language A Whole School Resource Free 6 month use of EAL teaching through the Learning Village teacher tools Contact Caroline. Learning Village Implementation Course EAL blended learning for learners in schools This 1 day course guides you through assessment, planning and delivering finely tuned, time-limited EAL lessons for new arrivals and intermediate learners with gaps in their understanding of vocabulary and grammar structures by teaching EAL through the Learning Village: www.

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OK, I agree Read more. Our Books for Teachers series has been written to inform teachers worldwide.

It is insightful and practical, with a focus on discovering the most effective theories and techniques for real-world teaching situations. The award-winning series has received considerable recognition globally from teachers and trainers alike. Our Series Editor, Adrian Underhill, is a well-known teacher trainer and consultant.

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He works with educators in many countries on the development of continuous professional learning programmes, humanistic education, interpersonal skills and organisational development.