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I should pay good attention to everything I do. Is it in accordance with Our Lady or not? So much vigilance over ourselves is necessary. At all times my soul needs to see what is happening within it and judge it. And as we imitate them, he points out three main ones: faith, humility and purity. These are three eminently counter-revolutionary virtues. Faith is the foundation of all virtue. Without it no virtue can truly be called a virtue. It is the root of all virtue. If a plant does not have a healthy root system, the whole plant suffers because its entire, or almost entire, nutritional system will be defective.

In this light the Catholic Church is the soil. Our root is the faith with which our souls emerge into the blessed soil of the Catholic Church. The soil of the Catholic Church is always fertile. The problem is to know if our faith, if the root of our virtue is alive. Saint Louis de Montfort takes the word faith with a twofold meaning. Saint Louis then gives the supreme example in which Our Lady proved her faith in both ways: Our Lady at the foot of the Cross. On Calvary she above all was tested in her belief.

Because it is really terrible that she, the Mother of God , knowing that her Son was the innocent victim par excellence, had to see her Son treated as if He was being pursued by the justice of God and of men. Our Lady at the foot of the Cross proves her faith in both ways. In the most adverse circumstances she believes without the slightest vacillation that Our Lord is fulfilling His mission and she is fulfilling hers.

On the other hand, she has an unlimited confidence in the goodness of God. She knows that these torments will redound in the glory of the Resurrection, the Ascension, and Pentecost, and glorify His name in every epoch of History. There is a mystery surrounding Our Lord. From the moment of His Agony in the Garden of Olives, one has the impression the full wrath of the Heavenly Father was unleashed against Him and that from then on everything is suffering.

Our Lady, either through revelations or from the moment she meets Him, is present at every moment and believes without the slightest vacillation. She believes in what she should believe which is that this is a terrible injustice. Her Son offered Himself to expiate all the sins of the world and, as such, the wrath that these sins deserve is unleashed against Him. He is sublimely crushed by the Divine wrath.

And with this He redeems the world. This is the highest and most profound meaning that He is fulfilling His mission and she is fulfilling hers. She believes this at every moment and this faith upholds her at the foot of the Cross without any vacillation. And she knows that these torments will redound in the glory of the Resurrection, the Ascension, and Pentecost.

It will glorify His name in every epoch of History.

The culminating glory will be at the end of the world when the whole of humanity, for all eternity, will be at His feet when He pronounces the final judgment: those who were His, go to Heaven; and those who were not, go to Hell. In other words Our Lady could see this immense glory that would be the reward the Divine Goodness would give as a result of such a great fidelity. She was at the foot of the Cross sustained by this sublime hope and firmly believing in it. This was Mary.

We must believe everything the Church teaches. Therefore we must believe in everything supernatural and the total goodness of Our Lady. We must also continue to believe blindly in this goodness even when the tempests lead us to believe otherwise. This goodness will manifest itself concretely in our lives.

She will make her great goodness manifest at some point. If she went through this, so must we. She gave the example and we must follow. Of course there is an immense difference which is that Our Lady cannot be compared to any created being.

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No creature can be compared in any way with Our Lady. Whether we consider the most brilliant angel, the most saintly saint, none can be compared in any way to Our Lady. The most beautiful grain of sand and the most beautiful jewel are more similar to each other than the highest Cherubim or Seraphim or saint are to Our Lady. She knows this and she knows our weakness. And because of this she is also Mother of Mercy in another sense.

A Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

She is also our consoler, our comforter in our afflictions. In other words she comes to the aid of those who suffer. She diminishes their pain, eases their afflictions and intervenes in thousands of ways to show she is a mother. She smiles and helps us to understand that we will not have to go through what was required of her. Because if we had to suffer the pain that she had to endure in just one instance of the Passion of Our Lord, we would disintegrate.

For example, if we had to love Our Lord Jesus Christ as she loved Him and had to meet Him along the Way of the Cross all disfigured, we would disintegrate. She knows this and much of what she suffered at that moment was so we would not have to suffer as much. This is why she is called Queen of Martyrs as well as Comforter of the Afflicted. There is almost a contradiction of terms here because a Queen of Martyrs should teach martyrs how to suffer and a Comforter of the Afflicted helps a person not to suffer or even takes it away. However she is Comforter of the Afflicted.

True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

At times she gives us strength to bear an affliction while at others she takes the suffering away. If you do not give me exceptional strength, I will not be able to bear it, so come quickly to my aid. They do not rely on their own skill but on the perfection of the mold. They cast and lose themselves in Mary where they become true models of her Son.

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You may think this a beautiful and convincing comparison. But how many understand it? I would like you, my dear friend, to understand it. But remember that only molten and liquefied substances may be poured into a mold. That means that you must crush and melt down the old Adam in you if you wish to acquire the likeness of the new Adam in Mary.

Louis de Montfort.

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Who was Saint Louis de Montfort? He was ordained in Paris, France, in and died in He lived to be only 43 years old. He was an itinerant preacher dedicated to a life of poverty. Saint Louis de Montfort was a charismatic preacher and was immensely popular with the people. He claimed to be able to convert even the worst sinners if he were only able to touch them with the Rosary.

The First Conference: “St. Louis de Montfort and True Devotion to Mary”

We are in the end times without the assistance of a Church heirarchy to protect and nourish us. You are on your own if you are without Mary. Only those who will have the Mother will have the Son. Only those who have the Son will have the Father. Saint Louis de Montfort is best known for his writings about Our Lady. Through the ages, his ability to convert people to Mary and Jesus is repeated with almost every new reader of his masterpiece, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It affects every reader who is alive in faith, just as it affected me when I was a seminarian.

The continued popularity of his writings among true stay-at-home Catholics shows the working of the Holy Spirit in the teachings of this unique apostle of Mary. An audio of it can be found on this site under Podcasts.